Project Description

A poet born from the sheer passion for writing poetry, Roshan Devlali (pen name) comes from the town of Nasik, Maharashtra, India and is currently settled in the metropolitan city of Mumbai. Educated to be an Accountant and a banker by profession, Roshan credits his parents for the values instilled in him and for all the support and patience they have shown towards him. He also dedicates a part of his success to his regular critic and soul mate, his wife and to his son for inspiring him enough to write short stories. None the less, the poet claims to have been truly indebted to Gulzar Saab, Javed Akhtar Saab, Ahmed Faraz, Nida Fazli, Sahir Ludhianvi and to a great proportion to Mirza Ghalib for all the inspiration he derives from their work. Roshan Devlali has delightfully appointed ‘Hindi’ as the medium of expression when writing poems; however, he writes his quotes in both Hindi and English.