With both competitors and potential customers constantly online, Esatech understands the need for SME’s (small and medium sized enterprises) to ‘Go Digital’ in today’s world. Experts in Esatech are on a constant run for delivering end-to-end digital marketing solutions to accomplish your commercial objectives. By working hand in hand and taking time to understand your business and strategies, we help you to accelerate your online growth and thereby inflate Digital ROI.
However, Esatech believes that every company, small or big, is unique in itself and therefore, none should ever engage with a Digital agency without fully comprehending – their unique need; what and how they want the market to respond to their approach; have all the facts and not just imagination to support a new investment or a change.
Therefore, Esatech trusts in a consultative approach that can help you achieve a rich and engaging online experience.

Esatech, a Full Service Digital Agency

Esatech is a Full Service Digital Agency providing services in every vertical and platform, engaging every tool and technique and applying a depth and breadth of knowledge, experience and expertise; we design websites to meet your unique needs; our SEO is designed to achieve tangible results for your business; SMO that seeks out your target audience and engages with them; Content Marketing to engage your audience and convert them into leads and much more. Over the years we have helped our clients grow and consistently achieve outstanding results fostering long term partnerships.

Want a ‘New Digital Campaign’ or a change from your present ‘Digital Marketing Agency’?

The digital landscape is changing too fast and old strategies lose out on keeping customers faithful to any enterprise unless your agency is proactive enough and regularly engaging innovative strategies for maximising the efficiency and performance of the campaign.

You need strategies and skills, exposure and experience, research and resources and constant knowledge development to stay abreast of all the innovations within the different marketing channels, devices and networks and an inherent focus on ROI.

We at Esatech have a successful and proven track record of improving ROI for our clients, across all disciplines. Our long-standing portfolio of clients, with whom we have evolved, indicates just how effective our approach is in all economic climates and testify our effort in maintaining transparency through reports and regular communications to keep them updated at all times.

However, Esatech believes in sharing with you the 5 simple Digital Marketing Strategies that it adopts to help you grow in the Digital Market.

  • Initiating a Target
  • Designing a Marketing Funnel
  • Reinforcing a Call-to-Action
  • Creating an Effective Lead Magnet
  • Driving Traffic

Initiating a Target:

In the present scenario, Digital marketing is one of the best ways for a small business to prosper. However, a blindfold run can only lead to disaster. At Esatech, our experienced professionals initiate a target oriented journey to achieve quick success and help you know what to focus on.

Designing a Marketing Funnel:

Designing an effective Marketing Funnel is the first step to laying the red carpet for customers and leading towards ultimate growth. A marketing funnel is the simple process of mapping out a customer’s journey from when a customer is a complete stranger to when they become a lead, and then move through this funnel to becoming investing customers. Various strategies like the use of lead magnets, calls-to-action (CTA), opt-ins and offers become effective pieces of the funnel. Expertise lay in aptly designing the path from developing visitor awareness, gaining their interest, evoking desire, and finally leading them to action with the use of these strategies.

Einforcing a CTA:

An effective CTA results in higher leads and increased conversions for your website. In order to increase visitor-to-lead conversion opportunities, our experts create a lot of attention grabbing calls-to-action or CTAs, distribute them across your web presence and optimize them to lead a potential customer further into your marketing funnel.

Creating an Effective Lead Magnet:

A lead magnet can be used alone or along with a CTA for driving potential customers into your funnel. However, utilising the appropriate lead magnet, gathering beneficial customer information and using it to convert it into a positive outcome needs expert digital marketing knowledge and constant optimization which is provided by our experienced experts.

Driving Traffic:

Driving traffic however, is the first and the most crucial step that leads to any further step and in order for there to be people to drive into your marketing funnel, there are a variety of ways which need to be effectively implemented. At Esatech we take every care from Quality Content, Keyword Strategy, Website Optimization to name a few for getting your website on the highest rankings against the web search tools.

Having applied these digital marketing strategies on your website, you are sure to see a substantial difference and a potential growth in your business.