Few months into 2016 and the business world is booming with vibrant marketing strategies. Businesses, large or small, who unanimously agree in the power of marketing, especially digital marketing of all, are trying to figure out what will work for them or is already working towards gain and what needs to be dropped from the list. But no marketing campaign is possible without a well calculated marketing strategy; one that is a result of the ground analysis from the previous year; one that evaluates what worked and what failed to do so. Thus, if your strategies are solid, they will show results, if not right today right now, then in a few months time. However, your analysis has to be based on strong grounds and must have foresight; not a result of the very moment’s response to stimuli.

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Our experts, with years of experience to back them, have surveyed the latest trends in the market; reviewed propositions for setting marketing strategies and calculated the risks in doing so and have come up with the following tips that can help you sketch your marketing plan and be able to dominate the online channels.

  1. Making your Presence Felt

The very first strategy to adopt is very basic yet many ignore this to avoid a small sum of investment. Whether big or small every business needs visibility to flourish. However, the only difference is that a small business needs more of presence felt in the local area in comparison to a large business. In this age of technology, this can be achieved best by increasing local visibility online. Therefore, this should top the list of marketing strategy.

  1. Locating the Target Audience

The second and the most crucial of any strategy building knows your target audience and evaluating how far flung will your approach be. In today’s world, the greatest problem that marketers are facing is that your target audience is scattered; they are split between multiple media outlets. However, this does not mean that you have to be present everywhere or reach them through every possible media. Target a few areas and work towards making them productive.

  1. Consistency Counts

Following the line of the previous tip, it can be well suggested that you need to be consistent. Consistency keeps you on top of the audience’s mind and speaks of your credibility. Your target audience is likely to seek you in time of need.

  1. Data Driven Target

In a world of big data, reaching your potential target audience has to be data driven. Data packed profile of your target customers helps you understand them and their needs better and deliver relevant results and push the right ads towards them.

  1. Social Media to Website

By 2016, we are well aware of the power of social media as a marketing tool. Yet it is undisputed that social media as a marketing tool is in its nascent stage. Its reach is wide but does not always act in favour of a lead for return on investment. Thus, it is wise to use this as a means of attracting audience and redirecting traffic towards a more reliable and updated location, your website.

  1. Choose a Mobile Friendly Design

As we speak of the website, it is once again necessary to remember to keep it simple. You may certainly invest in media specific websites but that would mean a lot of money in making them and then maintaining them, plus keeping them up-to-date. Drop the hassle and pick just the mobile friendly website. This will serve better in the present state and definitely keep things simple.

  1. Keep it Simple

Make sure your website is tasteful and rightly informative. What you don’t want is your website to be too full with information and your audience loosing the target point. Your target point in your website is the call of action, which has to be chosen wisely in favour of your benefit.

  1. To-the-point Ad

Same applies for advertisement; it has to be crisp and in favour of the call of action. Too much information diverts and confuses the audience. However, it is potentially important to describe the call of action well.

  1. Integrate your Data

Behind the screens, it becomes essential to do some more simplification work. As a rule of thumb, do not leave your target data scattered. This not only makes managing them difficult but also is also ineffective when put to work.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

A study of human nature can prove that they easily believe in what they see. A business, which is visible on top list regularly, makes a positive impact on the audience. However, to stay on top list what you need is to boost your local SEO.

  1. Update your Listings Regularly

Equally is it important to keep your presence updated. Just to enroll yourself in the local online market will not show result as long as you are not regular in updating your listings. Therefore, your next marketing strategy should be to plan a methodical update of your listings.

  1. Online Reviews

Last but not the least; a marketer must never forget the power of online reviews. Online reviews promote a business on the strength of good will. A few bright lit up stars can definitely work wonder in the present time. No hotels are booked, restaurants chosen or tourist destinations visited without having a look at these reviews. Where a local business is in question, these reviews play a big role in furthering them. Therefore, the last strategy to be taken up is to encourage online reviews and manage them well.